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SCI offers a range of UPS solutions from major manufacturers such as APC and Eaton. Solutions include flexible three-phase power protection designed to meet a wide range of requirements from data centers to industrial and facilities applications.

Featured APC UPS Solutions

APC Symmetra PX 80kW Scalable to 80kW N+1 with Premium XR Battery Enclosure, 208V

A high-efficiency, three-phase UPS that is scalable as your data center grows, up to 80kW/80kVA. Suitable for small to medium data centers or individual zones of large data centers.

Includes start-up service, user manual, Web/SNMP management card.

APC Symmetra PX 100kW Scalable to 250kW with Right-Mounted Maintenance Bypass & Distribution

100 kW/100 kVA, input 400V 3PH, 480V 3PH / output 400V 3PH, 480V 3PH, extended runtime model.

Includes assembly service, start-up service, user manual, Web/SNMP management card.

APC Smart-UPS VT 20kVA 208V with 4 Battery Modules

16 kW/20 kVA, input 208V 3PH / output 208V 3PH, interface port DB-9 RS-232, Smart-Slot.

Includes battery modules (ship installed), bolt-down brackets, CD with software, installation guide, power modules (ship installed), Smart UPS signaling RS-232 cable, user manual, Web/SNMP management card.

MGE Galaxy 5000 50 kVA

20 - 120kVA (400V), 50 - 130kVA (480V)

Designed for maximum configuration, MGE Galaxy 5000 offers technology that increases performance and reliability. Online technology fully isolates and protects against all power quality disturbances. The upstream harmonics management allows a generator-friendly installation and flexible configurations for even the most demanding designs. The MGE Galaxy 5000 offers features such as paralleling capability for both capacity and redundancy, full front access, included start-up for ease of serviceability, user-friendly graphical display with multiple language options, and SNMP with network based power management options. All these features make the Galaxy 5000 one of the easiest UPS’s in its class to manage and maintain.

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