Products_ TransAction Trading Desks

Sleekly designed, TransAction tables save up to 30% of the space required by traditional, bulky trading desks and are fully customizable. Dual-sided stations are just 54” in depth, yet provide a full 23” of usable surface depth for both users. Single-sided stations are ideal for personal workstations, classroom-style training facilities or call centers.

The Technology Trough (patent-pending) provides easy access to all technology components of the system.

  • Flat panel displays can be replaced in seconds with a quick-release clamp.
  • All cables and wires can be accessed from above the work surface by lifting off the service panels.
  • CPU towers are tethered to the stations with cable management channels and pull out on mobile platforms or enclosures to access drives and connections.

Single- and dual-sided TransAction stations

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Product Type_ Furniture
Sector_ Financial