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Centrally protect & manage cryptographic keys

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SafeNet KeySecure appliances offer organizations a way to leverage one or any number of disparate encryption solutions, while enjoying the efficiency and security of a dedicated, centralized appliance for key management. KeySecure offers robust capabilities for managing cryptographic keys across their entire lifecycle, including key generation, key import and export, policy management, key rotation, and much more.

Robust security

KeySecure centrally manages keys using a hardened appliance, which maximizes overall security. KeySecure offers a range of robust security features:

  • Capabilities for segregating administrative duties between different administrators
  • Granular authorization capabilities that enable constraints to be placed on user operations based on specific key permissions
  • Active alerting capabilities so that, if attempts to breach protected data occur, mechanisms are employed to alert administrators
  • Secure key distribution through support of SSL
  • Key Secure appliances are FIPS 140-2 Level 2 and Common Criteria EAL2 compliant

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