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Breaches of confidential data by hackers and rogue employees are increasingly commonplace, putting sensitive data, personnel records, government secrets, and intellectual property at risk. In response to the threat, privacy laws, along with corporate governance and industry-specific regulations, have become prevalent over the last several years.

Now your confidence in protecting your data has been elevated to another level. SafeNet’s ProtectDrive received a perfect five-star rating across all six categories from SC Magazine for its group test review of encryption products.

Data at Rest Protection

Disk and file encryption solutions from SafeNet address the need to secure the sensitive data residing on endpoints like company laptops and mobile storage media through robust data at rest encryption. SafeNet solutions enable companies and government agencies to deploy the most trusted security available and furthermore to minimize the cost of ownership significantly by leveraging existing central management systems such as Active Directory.

Featured SafeNet Disk & File Encryption Products


SafeNet ProtectDrive provides the most secure and cost-effective protection for sensitive data on hard drives and removable media.


SafeNet ProtectFile provides the most secure and cost-effective protection for confidential data at rest.


ProtectPack enables secure, encrypted transfer and storage of confidential data files on unprotected mediums (both portable and network) that are difficult to defend by conventional network security mechanisms.

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