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Sectéra® Wireline Terminal (Type 1) (Motorola)

The Sectéra Wireline Terminal is a portable, cost-effective encryption solution to secure voice and data communications via a standard analog phone, fax or personal computer. The Wireline Terminal’s small footprint and light weight are ideal for users on the move or for stationary environments with minimal space.

The Sectéra Wireline Terminal is easy-to-use and makes secure calling virtually transparent. The terminal can be used with a commercial Group 3 fax machine to exchange classified documents while on a secure call by simply switching modes. Group 3 fax machines use commercial standards and are commonly available.

The Sectéra Wireline Terminal is NSA-certified to protect information classified Top Secret and below using Type 1 encryption algorithms. For users not requiring Type 1 encryption, an interoperable AES solution is available. The terminal is available with multiple key-sets to support U.S.-government-sponsored interoperability (e.g., NATO and coalition). The NATO Military Committee has approved the Sectéra Wireline Terminal for the encryption of all levels of NATO classified information.

High-Assurance Voice & Data Security for Phone, Fax, & PCs

The Sectéra Wireline Terminal is a core product in the Sectéra portfolio of secure interoperable wireless and wireline
products. The Sectéra family of products offers Type 1 encryption for authorized U.S. government personnel over PSTN, VoIP, ISDN, GSM wireless, and Iridium®, Inmarsat®, Globalstar and Thuraya satellite networks.

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