Products_ Enclosures & Open Racks

InfraStruXure® Enclosures & Open Rack Systems

We provide enclosure solutions for wide enclosures with increased cable management options for high density server and networking applications (42U height to easily roll through doorways).

Two- or four-post single rack InfraStruXure® systems that ship factory assembled, wired, and tested—ready to roll into place.

Colocate Cabinets

Colocate cabinets offer complete individual security. Users or departments are able to freely access their servers while protecting the integrity of adjacent hardware.

Telecom Enclosures

The Mighty Mo telecom enclosure combines advanced cable management with security and flexibility to change the way you bring high performance to the
desktop. Based on the foundation of Mighty Mo technology, the wall-mount telecom enclosure provides capacity for both active and passive equipment and can support up to 48 users.

Product Type_ Infrastructure