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SafeNet allows enterprise and government organizations to ensure compliance and limit liabilities by protecting sensitive data accessed by employees, customers, or third parties. With SafeNet’s database-encryption products, organizations can protect critical data from both internal and external threats, ensure compliance with regulatory and legislative mandates for security, and mitigate the risk of data theft.

Featured SafeNet Database-Encryption Products

DataSecure i430

For the most demanding processing environments, DataSecure i430 offers the highest level of database and application security available. It features breakthrough performance, high availability, and streamlined implementation.

DataSecure i116

DataSecure i116 provides application and database security with highest level of data security in a commercial encryption solution at an entry-level price.


EdgeSecure enables organizations to encrypt sensitive data in hundreds or even thousands of remote locations and to do so with unprecedented efficiency and cost-effectiveness. When combined with DataSecure appliances, the result is a streamlined, centralized management model for deploying encryption across geographically distributed locations.

DataSecure Connectors

Designed for seamless integration, DataSecure Connectors are software components that connect the data network elements that interface with DataSecure, EdgeSecure, or KeySecure appliances. All connectors have embedded logic that provides load balancing, health checking, and connection pooling among a cluster of redundant SafeNet appliances.


The KeySecure provides the efficiency and security of a dedicated, centralized appliance for key management. Integrating with nearly all encryption products on the market, KeySecure simplifies the key management process.

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