Products_ IT infrastructure, furniture, & security

Secure Communication, Inc., provides cost-effective, timely services and products for end-to-end technology infrastructure solutions. We specialize in meeting the needs of the financial, healthcare, and manufacturing industries and can integrate a multitude of products from leading manufacturers to address particular storage, furniture, power, security, environment, and management requirements.


SCI offers on-demand architecture for network-critical physical infrastructure applications, from network closets to data centers. Products include power protection and management solutions, power distribution, and transfer switch solutions, as well as racks, enclosures and accessories, cooling solutions for IT equipment, physical threat monitoring solutions, surge protection, harmonic filtering and voltage regulations, and enterprise-class management tools.


From trading desks to mounting solutions to support the rollout of technology in tight spaces, we can provide a full range of furniture to outfit entire office spaces. Whatever your business sector (including financial, heathcare, and manufacturing), our products will meet your space, storage, layout, adjustability, expandability, and budget requirements.


We carry information security products as well as physical security for portable office assets.


We offer solutions to the financial community with ePDUs for high-density server cabinets, trading-desk configurations to fit any budget, and flat-panel mounting solutions for constricted spaces.


In medical environments spaces comes at a premium. As technology becomes standardized in the hospital patient/care areas and other departments, it is crucial to have a solution on how to place this equipment. SCI’s solutions are adjustable, accommodating users’ physical differences as well as their individual preferences. The monitor, keyboard, and other peripherals can be mounted to a wall, ceiling, counter, or floor or on a mobile cart. SCI will help you utilize limited space, increase productivity, and improve the health, comfort, and safety of your employees.


With the onset of computerization on the manufacturing floor, it is increasingly important to provide computer-mounting solutions that are both mobile and ergonomically functional. SCI provides multiple options to create a state-of-the-art working environment, including carts, ceiling tracks, wall mounts, and command posts.